ISS is a private, non-profit institution (Verein or Association). All parents and employees are automatically members of the Association, which gives parents the right to be elected as a voting member of the Board of Trustees, and /or to vote on issues at AGMs.

The Board of Trustees serves as the strategic leadership body of the school and as such, advises and evaluates the operational Executive Board, currently the School Director.  The Director bears responsibility of the day-to-day operational concerns of the school and is a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees guides the Director’s leadership through the Strategic Plan and the Board Policy Manual which is annually updated and reviewed. Both documents are available for review here, on the family portal and hard copies are available in each of our school offices.

Trustees are elected to serve a four-year term of office and devote their time and energies on a voluntary basis.

Board of Trustees 2016/17

Dr. Henrik Huydts        President
Carin Stroem               Vice-President
Tanja Ryan                   Treasurer
Dr. Michaela Grub        Secretary

Dr. Christian Friege      Trustee
Ulrich Gottlieb              Trustee
Sajjid Khan                   Trustee
Alec Rauschenbusch     Trustee
Karen Somes                Trustee
Fabian von Kuenheim    Trustee
Dr. Stefan Zerbe           Trustee 


Focused towards common board goals, the Board of Trustees divides its work across four standing committees that meet to research and discuss issues to be brought to the Board for decision or information. These standing committees are Finance, Education, Development and Policy.

In addition to the expertise offered by Board Members, ISS has the benefit of an Advisory Council (Beirat), comprised of prominent representatives from the business and political arena in and around Stuttgart.