Most notably, ISS hast taught me to become an open-minded student and a second-level thinker. Questioning why things happen or work the way they do (and not just accepting that they do) has prepared me for my current endeavours at UC Berkeley” ISS Class of 2014 

Coming from over 40 nationalities and even more countries, our student body is truly multicultural and we have all manner of economic diversity represented as well.  Our Staff is similarly international coming largely from North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and of course Germany.  We have an average tenure of 7 years and all members of our teaching staff are certified.  Many members of the staff are also experienced International Baccalaureate instructors and examiners.  Our Parents are similarly international and involved themselves in our school through services like reading support, mother tongue support, coaching or volunteering in organizations such as our Parent Teacher Association, the Booster Club or hosting students from other schools who visit for competitions.