In the future we intend to open an online shop here for school merchandise.

ISS requires that all students must wear a Physical Education uniform during their PE classes.  Instituted 5 years ago, ISS currently uses Uhlsport clothing, and are happy with their quality and service.

Each student will wear a white ISS T-shirt, blue ISS Shorts, and if they want to, blue ISS long pants/trousers and a blue ISS fleece jacket.

When a student enters ISS for the first time, they will be given a full set, one of each of these clothes (t-shirt, shorts, long pants, fleece), for free as it is included in their tuition payment. After that, and if a family wants more than one of any item, they can be purchased at school from the PE Department, or can be ordered online and picked up at the PE Department.

In addition, our students proudly wear school sweatshirts and other items of clothing sourced by the Booster Club.