Strategic Plan & Community Report

ISS provides a nuturing environment for all - students, teachers and parents, where learning is valued and highly encouraged.” ISS Family Survey 2015

Our Strategic Vision 

ISS has always been committed to a process of continual review and improvement, focusing on educational research and best practice to provide the best possible educational experience for each of our students. This is why, after we developed our mission and vision in 2009 with Dr. Jerry Larson, the school embarked on an ambitious Strategic Planning process.  

Strategic Planning is an involved process that selects priorities from multiple inputs from the community to address the vision, mission and philosophies of ISS. Staff meetings, multiple surveys, parental forums, student government input, accreditation reports, external quality indicators, and strategic audits are all part of an intricate understanding that goes beyond the anecdotal.  Such diverse input has helped the Board and the School Director establish strategic goals and key enabling strategies in the past four years, focusing on how best we support and evaluate our mission and vision. 

For a detailed summary of our entire strategic process and publications click here.

ISS Strategic Plan Graph 

The above graph represents the schools progress in following our current 2015 plan.

Strategic Plan List of Acronyms

Click for a copy of our latest annual Community Report.

We thank all those who have worked and contributed to planning for the future of our school. We look forward to continued collaboration to inspire, challenge and actively support our students and each other to become positive participants in a changing world.

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