Curriculum Overview

In all aspects of its multi-disciplinary approach, the curriculum is designed to reflect and implement the school’s philosophy and the mission statement.

ISS Sindelfingen Campus operates a Dual Language Approach to learning. This teaching approach offers additional language learning opportunities for all students (i.e. German for English speakers and English for German speakers) as well as providing mother-tongue teaching of the core concepts. Research suggests that students acquire a second language most easily if they develop literacy skills and content knowledge in their native language, which they can then transfer to the additional language. (Virginia Collier)

In the Primary School teachers collaborate closely and work as a team in the classroom, rather than withdrawing the children for language learning. They identify the language goals for the children in each class group (within the range of beginner learners to advanced / mother tongue speakers) and plan language objectives to meet the needs of the students.  Core curriculum skills (in numeracy, reading and writing for example,) are taught to students in their mother tongue in their first years of additional language learning. 

In the Middle and High School some Language A and B teaching is taught collaboratively and some is taught separately. Ultimately, the students are being prepared to be able to learn in English for the Diploma programmes.

The Primary School curriculum incorporates languages, mathematics, sciences, design and information technology, and the humanities. The arts, music and creative subjects are also integrated into the curriculum. The educational program also requires students to learn how to organise themselves and their work, develop a broad repertoire of approaches to learning, co-operate with others, and develop international awareness and social understanding. At the same time as giving a sound, broadly based education for everyone, it also allows scope for the most academically able to achieve to their capacity. We teach through inquiry, encouraging the children to research big ideas, starting from what they know and formulating questions about what they want to learn. At the end of each unit the students reflect upon what they have learned. Goal setting is an important learning tool to guide the child in his/her learning development.

Grades 6 – 10 follow the IB Middle Years Program, which continues to build self-confidence and a wider range of academic skills through the academic disciplines of the MYP curriculum. Students study 8 subject groups through 5 different areas of interaction: - approaches to learning, community service, health & social education, environment, and human ingenuity.

10th grade students graduate from Sindelfingen to enroll in the ISS High School Program and/or the IB Diploma Program in grades 11 and 12 in Degerloch.