The ISS Sindelfingen Campus offers a dual language (English/German) learning environment for internationally mobile and internationally minded families. This dual-language teaching approach provides additional language learning opportunities for all students as well as providing mother-tongue teaching of the core concepts and skills (in numeracy, reading and writing for example) with English and German teachers working as a team in the classroom. 

Research indicates that such Dual Language teaching approaches are extremely effective in helping students learn additional languages well and provides astounding evidence that bilingual students outperform mono-lingual students in the long term (Thomas and Collier, 2004; Center for Applied Linguistics, 2005; Lindholm-Leary, 2000).

Paying specific attention to the individual abilities, learning styles and needs of every pupil, our dedicated, caring teachers nurture the growth of each individual child:

  • academically, by teaching for understanding,
  • socially, by fostering self-discipline, honesty, openness, tolerance, respect and the ability to cope with change,
  • intellectually, through the encouragement of curiosity, creativity and critical thinking,
  • emotionally, by fostering self-esteem, initiative and a positive attitude towards life and
  • physically, through the promotion of health and fitness.

See our frequently asked questions fact sheet for further details.