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10th Annivesary of the Schlau Schau event in Sindelfingen!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Schlau Schau is sponsored by the Sindelfingen Citizen's Foundation (Bürgerstiftung) and is a yearly event, which showcases the learning and creativity going on in the secondary schools in the Sindelfingen area. The show is held in Breuningerland and usually about 30,000 people see the show during the course of the Saturday when it is held. ISS Sindelfingen has been participating the Sindelfingen Schlau Schau event since 2008! 

The theme for the Schlau Schau this year is Air. ISS Sindelfingen has chosen the topic: Up in The Air - The Science Behind It and Applications for It.

Grade 8 students have been investigating the various properties of air and how it affects the world we live in. This has been a part of our annual STEAM project time, where students carry out personal investigations of a topic of interest to them related to science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Topics our students have been investigating and will present upon are: various storms caused by air currents, the physics involving air (or lack of air in the case of vacuums), air and aerodynamics, breath, and how air control/velocity is used in singing, talking, and playing a musical instrument.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday, January 27th from 9.00 - 20.00 in the Breuningerland Sindelfingen!