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Digital Citizens in Action

Digital literacy encompasses the skills that our students must learn in order to engage independently, responsibly, critically, and creatively in a new digital landscape, both as consumers as well as producers.  Our students need these skills also in order to be able to evaluate the vast array of media available to them, as well as to be able to make good choices through the thoughtful weighing of consequences.

Our project, therefore, focused on developing these digital literacy skills not only in our own ISS students, but also in our partner schools and eventually across other schools in the EU. The students themselves were at the heart of the project, in both the planning as well as in the implementation. They collaboratively developed training programs and materials which could be used as resources as they educated each other across the partner schools, as well as the teachers and peers in their own schools, about what it means to be a responsible digital citizen.Through peer-to-peer interaction, the training and support provided by the “cyberbuddies” was non-threatening and perceived as up-to-date and relevant, more so than if delivered by an adult of another generation. Students created and implemented lesson plans, tutorials, and presentations.  These materials are shared on an online website which will be available across the EU so that other schools can use them and if desired, replicate the process by creating their own Digital Citizenship Squads.