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Do you have a lunch program?

Yes.  The cafeterias on both campuses operate on an online pre-order basis for students from Early Years 4 up to grade 8.  Registration forms for the lunch program are available from the Degerloch Upper and Lower School Offices as well as the Sindelfingen Office. Once registered, ordering and payment is direct to our provider, Michael Schmitt Gastro.

The lunch program offers two options at a cost of Euro 5,20  per meal:

Menu 1 – a meat or fish menu with vegetables, salad and a dessert or fresh fruit

Menu 2 – a vegetarian meal with vegetables, salad and a dessert or fresh fruit

You may order or cancel orders up until 9am each day and you have the opportunity to order up to six weeks at one time.

Do you have uniforms for students?

We do not have school uniforms, however students are expected to respect the school dress code as such. We do require that all students on both campuses wear the Physical Education uniform during their PE classes. Students entering ISS for the first time will receive a complimentary PE uniform which must be worn during PE classes.

Do you offer programs during the summer?

Yes, we offer 7 weeks of summer camp for 4 to 14 year olds starting at the beginning of July each year.  Summer @ ISS is a wonderful opportunity for children to have fun and be safely supervised by a top quality staff. This program is designed to allow children to learn through a wide range of play, art and physical activities, while positively developing their social skills through group interaction. Campers will have the chance to meet challenges, make new friends and have wonderful experiences that will last a lifetime.  

Weeks may be booked separately but places do fill up fast. Please contact the Camp Director for further details. 

Do you provide transportation services?

No, the school does not provide transportation services but both campuses are well served by public transportation. 

Does ISS have an after school child care services?

For an additional fee, ISS provides an extended day program for students aged 3-6 that runs from 14:50 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.


Does ISS offer field trips to students?

Yes.  Field trips take place in a variety of different forms.

How do the ISS IB results compare with other schools?

One important and distinctive feature of our IB Diploma program is that ISS allows any student interested to try.  Unlike other schools that are highly selective, we allow all students to participate in the full program.  We do counsel some to focus on ISS Diploma, which is also a rigorous program, but in the end, all of our 11th and 12th grade courses are IB Diploma courses, so no matter which program a student chooses it is a demanding one. 

Both in the DP and MYP programme, our students regularly perform above the world average. Result updates are published annually in the ISS Academic Profile.


How will my non-English-speaking child manage in an English speaking school?

ISS provides an intensive and individual EAL (English as an Additional Language) programme. The school acknowledges the importance of mother tongue maintenance and aims to support the students in developing their home language skills as much as possible.

Is financial aid available at ISS?

Grant-in-Aid (GIA) is available to families whose personal and family resources are inadequate to meet the full cost of education. Eligibility for GIA is means tested and determined by the GIA Committee. Application Forms for Grant-in-Aid can be requested from the Admissions Office.

Is there a deadline for admissions?

Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Is there a discount for more than one child?

There is no discount for siblings at ISS. 

What after school activities do you offer?

ISS offers a wide range of after school activities such as sports, arts, electronics, robotics, cooking, an annual musical and a school play.



What are the class sizes?

Our maximum class size is 22 students.  However, for some subjects in the High School, class sizes may be smaller.

What are the school hours?

Degerloch Campus

Lower School Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8:10 to 15:00,  Wed - 8:10 to 14:30

Upper School Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8:10 to 15:30,  Wed - 8:10 to 14:30

Sindelfingen Campus

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8:10 to 15:30,  Wed - 8:10 to 12:30

What languages are offered at ISS?

The language of instruction at ISS is English. We offer both English and German as first languages (language and Literature). We teach Language Acquisition courses in German, French, Spanish and English. Students in the Lower School are supported in a variety of mother tongues (Home and Family Languages) such as Japanese, Hindi, Portuguese, Swedish and Chinese through the Home and Family Language programme.


Where do your students study when they graduate?

ISS students matriculate to universities and colleges all over the world. For details, please see the ISS Academic Profile.

Where do your teachers come from?

ISS teaching staff is made up of qualified and experienced international school teachers mostly from English-speaking countries.

Where is the school located?

ISS has two campuses.  One in Stuttgart-Degerloch and one in Sindelfingen, a town about 15 kilometers south-west of Stuttgart.

Will there be entrance exams or tests?

ISS requires a confidential school recommendation for all applicants and previous school records are reviewed as part of the application process. There are no entrance exams. Upper School applicants can expect to complete a Maths benchmark assessment and an English and/or German language assessments are conducted as required. 

What does the use of technology look like?

A variety of tools are part of learning at ISS. The school provides iPads in the Lower School and from Grade 6 upwards, students need to bring their own laptop. Our teachers work with technology integrators and the school employs a transparent learning platform and portal for parents. 

Software used by the school includes, among many different types of learning software, the platform Veracross, SeeSaw and Toddle.

Does ISS have a large international Community?

ISS is a globally mobile community. As such, more than 75% of our students are international.