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After School Activities Program

"There are so many "educational extras" that allow students to experience that which is not just purely academic.  "  ISS Family Survey 2016






Please note that all After School Activities are only online via Microsoft Teams for Term 2. Participants are required to have an electronic device such as a computer or tablet with a Microsoft Teams account in order to participate. 

The After School Activities Program (ASAP) is designed to offer students at all skill levels the opportunity to try out a variety of activities. They encourage teamwork, contribute to self-confidence, and may help uncover an interest that could last a lifetime. Programs vary each semester.

The mission of the ASAP is to provide quality training in a variety of well-structured activities to further the development of a healthy mind, body and attitude as well as to practice and develop specific skills needed to be successful in hobbies and activities of interest.

*All activities start after 4:00pm to give students time to return home. Once health restrictions have been lifted, activity start times will resume shortly after the end of the school day.

For a description of the activities offered on both the Degerloch and Sindelfingen Campuses, please take a look at the After School Sports and Activities Catalog

Questions? Check out our FAQs. You can also contact Stoimir Ivandic, the Degerloch ASAP Manager, or Katharina Kubacsek, the Sindelfingen Manager.