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After School Activities Program

"There are so many "educational extras" that allow students to experience that which is not just purely academic.  "  ISS Family Survey 2016






The After School Activities Program (ASAP) is designed to offer students at all skill levels the opportunity to try out a variety of activities, ranging from crafts to cheerleading and circus to cookery. They encourage teamwork, contribute to self-confidence, and may help uncover an interest that could last a lifetime. Programs vary each semester. 

For a description of the activities offered at the Degerloch Campus, please take a look at the ASAP Degerloch Catalog. For students at Sindelfingen, please view the ASAP Sindelfingen Catalog to learn more about the programs you can take part in. 

Mission of ASAP: to provide quality training in a variety of well-structured activities to further the development of a healthy mind, body and attitude as well as to practice and develop specific skills needed to be successful in hobbies and activities of interest.

Questions? Check out our FAQs. You can also contact Stoimir Ivandic, the Degerloch ASAP Manager, or Katharina Kubacsek, the Sindelfingen Manager.  

General information: ASAP and Sportverein Overview and the After School Sports and Activities Program