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"The well-rounded syllabus emphasised the importance of real-world skills, whilst giving myself the freedom to tailor my studies towards what I wanted to do after graduation." ISS Class 2011







The word "Alumni" means many things to many people.  For ISS, to be an Alumni is to be part of a community that is spread world-wide with a common, fundamental point of commonality: a foundational education experience in the beautiful capital of Baden-Württemberg.

One does not need to be a graduate of ISS, though we have successfully graduated 16 different classes (a total of 534 students) since our opening 30 years ago.  A member of the ISS Alumni community simply needs to have attended our school for over one full academic year.

Why do we define it that way?  Because we believe that in one year, we can make a difference. We believe that our globally mobile, or internationally minded, families experience mission driven learning through dedicated professionals, the majority of which remain in our school and this city longer than in most other international schools.

This is one reason to return or reconnect.  Another reason is to see how far your school has come.  Like you, we have matured, blossomed and continue to give back to a world that desperately needs open-minded, life-long learners.

Connect for your memories. Connect for your future. Connect to discover that the place you once called home…still is.  

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