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International School of Stuttgart #alumi #ISStuttgart
Posted on Friday, January 18, 2019
Earlier this month, we welcomed back some of our Alumni students with a reunion on the ISS Sindelfingen Campus. One of the returning students who is now studying at Tübingen University was enrolled in the very first class at this campus 15 years ago! Others are studying dentistry, fashion design, technical design, law, media studies, politics and philosophy. It was fascinating to hear their stories and observations regarding the ISS' STEAM projects, Grade 10 Personal Projects and internships... Read More
International School of Stuttgart #ERASMUS+
Posted on Tuesday, December 4, 2018
As part of a unique project to design a STEM-inspired ‘playground for the future’, a group of school children from across Europe visited AkzoNobel’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ashington.   The year six pupils, who hail from Germany, Italy, Poland and Ashington’s own Bothal Primary School enjoyed a full day at the plant where they were treated to site tours, an interactive colour workshop, a virtual reality experience as well as a surprise visit from AkzoNobel’s iconic Dulux... Read More
International School of Stuttgart #Erasmus+
Posted on Friday, November 23, 2018
On the International School of Stuttgart’s Sindelfingen campus, we highly value and support the languages of our students. We follow our own inter-lingual language learning philosophy and are very interested in the philosophies of other schools and institutions. The Erasmus+ Programme supported us to compare and contrast different approaches and facilitated the creation of close working relationships with our partner schools in Estonia, Spain and the Netherlands.   Our project enabled three... Read More
International School of Stuttgart #musical
Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Buy your tickets now for this year's musical, A Chorus Line!    A Chorus Line examines one day in the lives of seventeen dancers, all vying for a spot in the “chorus line” of a Broadway musical. After the first round of cuts, Zach, the director and choreographer, asks each dancer to speak about themselves. Discomfort opens into revelation, confession leads to redemption, and within the bright, outwardly homogenous chorus, the audience begins to see each dancer’s individuality.    Based on... Read More
International School of Stuttgart #collegefair
Posted on Friday, November 9, 2018
The International School of Stuttgart hosted its annual Future Directions College Fair which attracted 41 universities from around the world including Germany, Canada, the USA, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Japan.    Over 250 students and parents from ISS and neighbouring schools attended and feedback from exhibitors and attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Presenters were impressed with the overall organisation, the quality of the questions asked and the ... Read More
Posted on Monday, October 29, 2018
Diploma students studying arts at the International School of Stuttgart were fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the culture and history of visual art and music in Vienna.   The students developed an understanding of the first Viennese period, the classical period involving the main composers, Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven and the second Viennese period, the early 20th century composers including Arnold Schoenberg and Anton Webern. The students found interesting connections... Read More
Posted on Friday, October 19, 2018
Smiling faces: teachers, parents and students Engaged parents Flowers on tables Refreshments for parents Proud children Personalized, beautifully presented and colorful learning displayed in classrooms Up to date portfolios and documentation for parents on hand The small touches that make the difference Open, friendly, warm greetings by teachers to all parents   Dedicated teachers and learning assistants who are calm, organized, knowledgeable and experienced Commitment to caring... Read More
International School of Stuttgart #IB #Dance #ISS
Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2018
  Last week the Head of the Physical Education Department, Mr. Daniel Mendes Pereira and long-time school choreographer/educator Mr. Adrian Turner had the honor of presenting their Dance Unit at the IB World Conference in Vienna. It was quite an honor to be selected to offer this workshop at the conference celebrating 50 Years of International Baccalaureate education as the competition to present was very high. Mr. Pereira and Mr. Turner represented the school well, speaking to nearly 30... Read More
International School of Stuttgart #rights #Grade4
Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Grade 4 students have been inquiring into our rights and responsibilities, the importance of human rights, and how to protect them. Members of the ISS Works Council explained how they protect worker's rights here at school and we also had the opportunity to hear about UNICEF during a presentation from volunteers. We have inquired about our own rights and responsibilities at school, home, and our communities and have looked at past and present examples of how people advocate for human rights.... Read More
International School of Stuttgart #Enrolment #ISS
Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2018
Matthias Krusch (Director of Admissions and Enrollment) represented the International School of Stuttgart (ISS) at the annual Enrolment Management Association conference for Admissions professionals in San Diego last week. At the pre-conference for international schools, he gave a presentation on admissions challenges specific to international education.  Mr. Krusch connected with Admissions staff from schools around the globe and with consultants from Nine who were presenting on GDPR... Read More