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Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Our 11th graders are currently working diligently on the Group 4 Science Project, an interdisciplinary activity in which all our science students must take part within the Diploma Programme. The fundamental idea is that students from the different group 4 subjects work together on a concrete problem with the aim to develop and apply 21st century communication skills in the study of science. This project also intends to develop an understanding of relationships between scientific disciplines... Read More
Posted on Monday, December 4, 2017
Congratulations to all students and staff who took part in this year's musical “TOMMY”. The cast, consisting of 26 engaged students from grades 6 to 12, entertained more than 200 visitors over three nights who came to watch the story of Tommy, a young boy who becomes deaf, dumb and blind after witnessing his father commit murder. As an adult the still traumatized Tommy discovers a talent for pinball and becomes an international pinball superstar. “The show was very entertaining and full of... Read More
Posted on Friday, December 1, 2017
You will find it on the ISS Homepage and in the Learning Commons, on Veracross portals. Paper copies will also be available in the Sindelfingen school lobby.  Please enjoy reading about the children's learning and seeing pictures from various activities and field trips!  
Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017
This Monday we had about 260 highly motivated delegates who participated in the Model United Nations program. Especially our Middle School students were very engaged and impressed the audience by knowing all complicated debating rules.  The MUN Executive Team received excellent feedback about how smooth everything was organised and that all students acted loyally to the country they represented. Model United Nations brings together students from different schools and helps our students to... Read More
Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Yesterday’s premiere of “TOMMY” was a huge success. The great commitment of our students along with the excellent band made it a wonderful and exciting performance. Save your ticket for today's or tomorrow's show.  We look forward to your visit!  
Posted on Friday, November 24, 2017
MINT (German) Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften und Technologie STEM (English) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We are delighted to announce that ISS has met the required standards and has been awarded the status 'MINT-freundliche Schule’ (STEM-friendly school).  ISS is the only international school in Baden-Württemberg and one of less than five international schools in Germany to achieve this recognition. Based as we are in a city renowned for its contributions to... Read More
Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2017
Impressions from yesterday's Middle School Performing Arts Assembly.  The last preparations for "Tommy" are running on high-speed. Tickets are on sale now!  
Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Last week the grade 4 students had the opportunity to go on a field trip to the Deutscher Wetterdienst in Bad Cannstatt. They learned all about weather forecasting and how weather instruments are used to measure air temperature, wind speed, precipitation etc. to record information. The highlight was the launching of the weather balloon. The students also learned how a weather balloon sends back information to the weather stations for them to prepare a weather forecast. It was a very educative... Read More
Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2017
A working laboratory is an interesting place, full of exciting experiments and extraordinary tools – especially for our Kindergarten students. We enjoy watching our students explore the world!
Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2017
When the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, it is finally time for the Latern Walk of our lower school students!