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Board of Trustees

Developed and implemented in the winter of 2009, the ISS governance structure is comprised of an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board. The overall operational responsibility of the school, in accordance with the School Articles of Association, rests with the Executive Board, consisting of the School Director. This operational authority covers both campuses of the International School of Stuttgart.

"The ISS Board prides itself on best practice governance, focusing on strategic and financial initiatives that support the operational leadership of the School Director and his leadership team."

ISS is a private, non-profit institution (Verein or Association).  All parents and teachers are automatically members of the Association, which gives parents the right to be elected as a voting member of the Board of Trustees, and/or to vote on issues at AGMs. The Board of Trustees comprise the ISS Supervisory Board and members are elected to serve a four-year term of office and devote their time and energies on a voluntary basis.

The Board of Trustees serves as the strategic leadership body of the school and as such, advises and evaluates the operational Executive Board, currently the School Director. The Director bears responsibility for the day-to-day operational concerns of the school and is a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees guides the Director’s leadership through the Strategic Plan and the Board Policy Manual, which is annually updated and reviewed. Both documents are available for review on our website, the portal and in each of our school offices.

Focused towards common board goals, the Board of Trustees divides its work across a number of standing committees that meet to research and discuss issues to be brought to the Board for decision or information. These standing committees are: Finance, Education, Development and Policy.

President: Dr. Stefan Zerbe
Vice President: Dr. Michaela Grub
Treasurer: Mr. Ulrich Gottlieb
Secretary: Ms. Birgitte Maibom-Hojer

Mr. Sajjad Khan
Mr. Carl Mahr
Mr. Uli Boelcke
Mrs. Laura McMillan
Mr. Andy Vonderlind

(The ISS Director serves as a non-voting member)

Board Projects:

The Board completed both the Strategic Plan and the Operational priorities in 2015 and has been actively involved in the school’s Self Study, which will be the primary input for our Strategic Plans in 2016 and 2017. The intent is to take this body of work and utilize it in our Strategic Retreat to identify key priorities for the School Director and Leadership Team. The Board also works every year to identify key performance indicators with the School Director.  The Board will utilize this year to review our long-term campus plan and financial priorities.  Overviews of the 6 regular closed meetings can be found on the School Director’s Blog and on the Board Access point on the school portal.

There is a minimum of one open meeting a year for the entire association. This meeting is usually held in December.