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Christmas is coming...

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Today, a special assembly was held on the occasion of Saint Nicolas Day. The student’s idea was to simulate an oversized advent calendar and prepared for each door either a little musical or a dancing performance for the audience. Of course, Saint Nicolas was there as well and surprised our lower school graders during the assembly.

Who is Saint Nicolas and what is the tradition about? 

Saint Nicholas of Myra is a major saint and belongs to one of the oldest Christian traditions in many European and Eastern countries and became famous for his good actions. One story tells how he secretly helped three poor sisters by climbing onto the roof of their house and dropped three lumps of gold down the chimney. In Germany, the story goes that the gold fell directly into the sister’s shoes. That’s the reason why children in Germany place their shoes outside during nighttime, hoping that Saint Nicolas will fill the shoes with small gifts.