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In Degerloch

The Primary Years in Degerloch is based upon the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP).  The PYP is a teaching program based upon the understanding of key concepts, transdisciplinary skills and the 
necessary research  tools that support inquiry.  The curriculum is taught through six organizing themes (Units of Inquiry) that span one year and cover the traditional subjects from multiple perspectives. The teachers are experienced facilitators, enabling all students to utilize their talents and skills to ensure enduring understanding and meaningful learning.

Specialist teaching of Art, Music, Physical Education, German, EAL and essential library skills are also taught and may be integrated within the six Units of Inquiry the children experience at each grade level.  Information Technology is integrated within the learning process through the use of iPod touches, iPads and clusters of learning stations in each classroom.

"My child has had fantastic language teachers. They have really brought the language (and cultures) to life. They do interesting, hands-on projects and activities with the kids."   ISS Family Survey 2016

The main language of instruction is English. The host country language of German is given special emphasis and taught through and alongside the six units of inquiry in differentiated classes. Our Mother Tongue program currently supports the continued development of our students’ mother tongue in a variety of languages, as well as deepening our cultural understanding across the ISS community.

For more information about your child's learning at this stage please see our Primary Years curriculum overview.