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Family & Ancestors

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

International School of Stuttgart #ISStuttgart


The school’s Database Administrator and Developer came to the Primary School Assembly and presented to the children about his family and ancestors, the Ojibway first nation people of the northern United States and Canada region. He wore a headdress with feathers and shells and carried a bag with symbols that are important to his people, for healing and harmony. He explained to the children that “These are objects that many carry that help keep the connection, because at some point their struggle and their journey was for the hope of us today.” He talked about the oral tradition that has passed stories and teachings down through the generations for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. The children were fascinated as they sensed the authenticity in the stories. This wasn’t about Fasching or Disney films. This was a real man, talking about the wisdom and the plight of real people. We are grateful to David for sharing with us and look forward to more visits.