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Family, Culture, Myself in Grade 3/4D

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The International School of Stuttgart e.V. - Family, Culture, Myself in Grade 3/4D

Grade 3/4D students helped to prepare the classroom for our Unit of Inquiry on ‘Who We Are’. They looked at ‘Family’, ‘Culture’, ‘Myself’ and discussed the new Key Concepts, Central Ideas and Lines of Inquiry. The children helped by preparing display signs so they could continue to share information about themselves and others, with a focus on culture. 
Students also started this unit off with the children posing their own questions in order to find out more about each other. For example: What are the names of your siblings? What are the names of your parents and grandparents? Tell us some information about some of your other relatives. Do your siblings look like you? How much older / younger are your siblings than you? Which country were you born in? Where were your parents / grandparents born?