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First Lower School "Let-off STEAM" Day @ ISS

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Our first-ever Lower School "Let-off STEAM" day took place in Degerloch on Wednesday, and it was a wonderful success. 

"Can we do this again tomorrow.......PLEEEEASE?", was the cry from many students at the end of the day as they shared all about their experiences and their adventures from the day.

Teachers had worked together to design and prepare a wide range of activities connected to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. On the day itself, the children were then grouped in mixed-grade levels to explore and investigate these activities together. Younger students (EY to Grade 1) worked downstairs, and older students (Grades 2 to 4) worked upstairs, with many activities also making use of the wonderful weather and spilling outside to try out their experiments or test their models. 

Activities included:

  • STEAM building and play challenges
  • Waffle and dessert making
  • Paper sculptures
  • Block building and design
  • The marshmallow and spaghetti tower challenge
  • Making a sensory sound station for the playground out of old pots and pans
  • 3D plastercine and matchstick shape building
  • Water play and the science of water
  • Strawberry and Cherry Jam making
  • Forensic Science
  • The Egg-drop challenge
  • Building TV towers and cars
  • STEAM in Sports
  • The paper Chair challenge
  • Origami
  • The paper plane design challenge
  • Book writing, design, creation and publication
  • STEAM activity centre

A rich and varied range of activities indeed, and a huge thank-you to the teachers and learning assistants for their planning, preparation and support throughout the day. 

Together we made it a great success!