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Grade 11 Visit to Trumpf in Ditzingen

Friday, May 4, 2018

On Thursday 26th April, a group of Grade 11 students had an amazing opportunity to visit the company Trumpf in Ditzingen. This was made possible by the organisation Volunty, which provides opportunities like this to students who give service to the community, such as our DP students do in their CAS program.

The students had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Leibinger, vice chairman of the managing board and CTO, and also enjoyed a tour of the facility to see the technology up close. Here are some comments from the students:

“The visit to Trumpf in Ditzingen was a very enjoyable experience and I'm very grateful to Ms. Barthelmie and the Volunty organisation for this opportunity. We were able to speak with and learn from the CTO of the company, Dr. Leibinger, which I thought was amazing and something that we couldn't have done so easily. We learned a lot about the company and business, helping me understand how what we learn in theory in Business class applies in a real-life industry. We also got to see the laser technology in action and how the sheet metal is precisely cut for the small parts in electronics and automotives. We received adorable little metal bicycles and engraved pens as presents and also enjoyed a delicious lunch! The whole space was wonderfully and aesthetically created and the office building looked nothing we had ever seen before - with art and lights and comfy chairs, it seemed like an amazing place to work at!” Shreya explained.

Hanna found the trip to Trumpf really interesting and she learned a lot about how companies work. “I thought it was really amazing that a family company can become so big and have almost 12,000 employees. I really liked the trip and I understand how a Duales Studium works a lot better.” Hanna said.