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Grade 12 Art Exhibition

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The final exhibition of the 12th Grade Diploma Visual Art program is on display from 5 March to 17 March, 2018. On display is a range of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, digital media and printmaking. The pieces represent a significant portion of the final mark for the course and requires that the students develop a specific theme or concept that is expressed in a body of work. 

One interesting artwork was "The Guilding Steps" created by student Toleen I. who displayed an antiquated suitcase filled up with sand and rusting shoes appearing out of it. "The hardness of the sand illustrates the struggles Syrians had to face half way through their migration while crossing shores and mountains. The strings connected from the shoes to the upper area of the suitcase represent the willingness of people to stay battling to reach safety and start new beginnings even with all this struggles and circumstances. This peace is inspired by Arabella Dorman", Toleen explains. 

Elke Z. set the focus on painting different people who played a main role in her childhood for many years, and one of them was Violet. "I wanted to capture her beauty and uniqueness in this work through her facial expressions and dress. This work communicates a sense of calm and peace through the use of neutral colours and the plain expressions on her face. This work represents peace, that can be seen in her face and comfortable stance", Elke pictures the piece "Violet II".

Congratulations to all artists from 12th Grade for creating remarkable artwork.