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Grade 2 Outdoor Learning

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

This year the Grade 2 students were delighted to use the outdoor environment to enhance their learning in mathematics and some units of inquiry. They developed their understanding in Patterns, Problem Solving, Mass, Length and Volume during play and investigation outdoors.
During the Unit of Inquiry “Different body systems help us move and stay balanced, the 2nd graders explored measurement outside on the Early Years playground. They enjoyed doing some exercises with their bodies while using their “body systems”. They used standard measurement tools, such as weighing scales to explore mass. Questions came up, for example: 

How do I get the scale into balance? 
Why is it not so easy to have the scale balanced? 
What other objects can I weigh on a scale?

Related to the use of the body systems for balancing, the students were asked to balance on the wooden tree trunks outside. They enjoyed balancing on the trunks and showed awareness of the body parts that they were using to manage the balancing. Some of the children used different parts of the tree trunks to climb up, others used their hands and feet. 

Some students mentioned that they felt scared balancing at first, but so proud after they had managed it!