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Grade 6 Cardboard Arcade Project 2018

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

As a part of the six week long advisory theme on international mindedness, Grade 6 students participated in a creative project that provided them with an opportunity to create/build/design games using recyclable material.
With a focus on sustainability, homeroom teachers and the MYP Service as Action Coordinator wanted to help students to better understand the idea of re-purposing. 
After they collected the cardboard/paper or other re-usable materials students were able to build some quite interesting games. "I think that the Arcade Project is connected to Service as Action because it connects to the world-wide goals of the better community", stated the student Sachee. 
In advisory on January 24th they invited their Grade 5 counterparts and shared time playing together.

These games were also used by the visiting group of refugees during the International Café last Sunday. "My favorite part was letting people play the game we created. I enjoyed having lots of fun building the arcade game with my friends", said the 6th grader Avery. 
We had fifteen grade 6 students who volunteered to come to play their games with our visitors. It was a great experience!
Of course, all materials were properly recycled at the end of this project.