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Hands-on Energy Project in Grade 5

Monday, December 18, 2017

Ms. Werner visited the International School of Stuttgart on behalf of the Stadtwerke Stuttgart last week, who offer an energy project to all local primary schools each year. The subject of this year’s project was “electricity and heat using the power of the sun”.
Ms. Werner demonstrated through the example of a bicycle lamp all necessary components for this kind of energy production and how they interact with each other. She applied this example on a model of a steam engine and lighted up a miniature street lamp which illustrated the interaction of the individual components of energy production in a simple way.
The students and Ms. Werner also discussed about the difficulties of carbon emissions, the greenhouse effect and about possible alternatives of energy production such as solar energy. During the practical application, the students created a basic model for a solar thermal system by only using a shoebox and a plastic bottle.
Ms. Werner also prepared a small surprise while the students where working on the group project, as a reward for their involvement. She made a small solar system consisting of aluminium foil and a heat lamp where our students could dip a cookie in a freshly prepared and delicious chocolate icing.

Many thanks to Ms. Werner and the Stadtwerke Stuttgart for this exciting project which provided practical and easily comprehensible knowledge of the new teaching unit “Energy”.