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International Café Arcade Games

Thursday, February 1, 2018

In the 18 months of International Cafés our visitors have experienced many different things in addition to soccer and basketball activities and the communication with ISS students, parents and staff volunteers over tea and cake.  They have experienced clowns, magicians, water games and the fun of the circus, but nothing had prepared them for the treat last Sunday – ARCADE GAMES of all different types and sizes! 

As already reported, grade 6 students had designed and built arcade games from cardboard and other recyclable materials as part of an advisory theme of international mindedness.  Reflecting on this the students suggested sharing their games with our local refugees and a group of fifteen to twenty sixth graders were joined by their parents and Upper School students to play the games with the refugees. “We will be doing things with refugees like playing our games, talking, communicating with them. Hopefully helping them have fun and helping them with understanding”, student Nadya expressed with great anticipation before the visitors from the Waldau refugee home arrived.

Afterwards one volunteer commented that “the look on the children’s faces says it all.”  What better way of bringing young people together?