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ISS' Alumni Reunion 2019

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

International School of Stuttgart e.V. Alumni Reunion 2019

“It was lovely to be back at ISS. Thank you for organizing it!!” – Class of 2016

“This reunion is a terrific idea and I thank you for taking the initiative to reach out to us alumni.” - Class of 2010

With over 40 alumni and former teachers attending Saturday’s REUNION it was our largest to date. Celebrating 10 years since they left school, there was a sizable contingent from the Class of 2009, but alumni from the classes of 2007, 2002, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 also met to share memories and to catch up with each other's news. The event was a resounding success, not just in terms of the very positive feedback we got from alumni who were there on Saturday, but also in terms of expanding our alumni network.

Alumni pored over  yearbooks, cheered our U16 boys to victory in their basketball game against a team from Nellingen, visited their old classrooms as well as parts of the campus new to them, heard how they can support the ISS KIVA group, signed up to be mentors and enjoyed Mr Knickmeier’s fantastic photos of musicals from the past. Equally, current teachers enjoyed catching up with so many former students and hearing what they are doing now.

What surprised us most? Not that these young people are successfully making their way in their studies and professional lives, although it was of course wonderful to hear that. No, what surprised us most was just how many of the alumni who left ten or more years ago still remembered their locker number!

Upcoming alumni events include a get together for those living in the Michigan, Ohio and Illinois areas in late January and the school’s 35th Birthday Celebration on July the 3rd 2020.