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ISS Gained Official STEM Recognition in the PY

Monday, October 21, 2019

International School of Stuttgart e.V. receives official STEM recognition

Our school prides itself on its innovative approach to education: with STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths) subjects gaining higher prominence across the world, we have consolidated and enriched our provision of STEM-based learning at ISS, gaining official recognition from the State of Baden-Württemberg for ages up to Grade 4 (the school already has recognition for Grade 5 and above).
It was a great honour to collect the award for MINT-freundlich (German for STEM-friendly) status on behalf of everyone who contributed to our application last year, and in recognition of the effort teachers and educators continue to put into enriching children’s STEM-based education opportunities. At ISS, we promote STEAM: this is simply STEM, with an inclusive focus on Artistic expression.