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Mission & Vision

Vision Statement: (Our aspiration)

Our Vision is to place learning at the core of all that we do.

Learning at the International School of Stuttgart combines an individual’s predispositions and experiences with the acquisition of skills, knowledge and understanding, to nurture and develop character and intellect.


Mission Statement: (Our purpose)

Leading education for internationally-minded families

Our mission is to inspire, challenge and actively support our students and each other to become positive participants in a changing world.


Philosophy Statements: (Our beliefs)

We believe in the importance of:

Innovation: Emphasizing creative problem-solving and confident adaptation to change.

Respect: Fostering empathy and integrity to nurture a caring responsibility within a diverse cultural community.

Engagement: Challenging and inspiring understanding through active curiosity and individual involvement in learning.

Relevance: Accessing and discerning real life connections between intellectual experience and the changing world.

The ISS experience inspires its learners to develop a sense of pride and commitment to making a difference. A transparent and reflective partnership between students, teachers and family is fundamental to our mission.