Jungendbürgerstiftung Sindelfingen

The Jungendbürgerstiftung Sindelfingen has created a campaign to raise money for sick children in the Sindelfingen area. The challenge is to create a video doing a somersault (purzelbaum) and posting it on Social Media with the hashtag #purzelbaum21 Each video should nominate another 5 people to spread the campaign further. Sponsors will donate money for each … Continued

Middle School Science Fair

Over 130 students from Grades 6, 7 and 8 presented their science fair slideshows online to the ISS community. Our students can truly be immensely proud of themselves.  “One particular presentation comes to mind from a Grade 8 student who was feeling particularly uncomfortable about presenting their experiment as they didn’t feel ready and would appreciate if they … Continued

Maths Quest 2021

Two days of virtual mathematical problems and challenges with schools form around Europe. Congratulations to the 2 Grade 5 teams from ISS competing and being mathematical ambassadors for our school. Organized through ECIS, this year’s competition is hosted by St. George’s School in Luxembourg. Good luck team ISS!

Im Westen nichts Neues

Grade 9 German Language and Literature students finished their project work for “Im Westen nichts Neues” (All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque), which fits this year’s Interdisciplinary Unit. The novel offered good insight into life on the front lines during World War I with the focus on the life of young … Continued