Lanterna Education

While teachers were working in teams on strategic projects for the school, our Grade 12 students were working with a recent IB and Oxford graduate from Lanterna Education to review study strategies and approaches for their final year of the ISS and IB Diplomas. The presenter commented on what a respectful and engaged group of … Continued

Duke Practice Expedition

Last week our Silver and Gold students completed their DUKE Practice Expedition in Dettingen Erms. It was lovely to see our students in action, watching them assemble their tents and cooking very ‘fancy’ meals on their trangia cookers! The students completed a 10-20 km hike on Saturday and arrived a little sore, but very happy, … Continued

Grade 10 Personal Project Progress Fair

Grade 10 students on our Sindelfingen Campus updated their peers on the status of their Personal Projects and the next steps they will be taking to complete them. It was interesting to see the variety of topics chosen by our students to and understand how they grapple with the Approaches to Learning, IB Learner Profile … Continued