Trips, trips and more trips!

A group of students from Grades 9 & 10 travelled to Holland for a Model United Nations (MUN) General Assembly, while others travelled to Paris as part of an optional arts / history-based trip! Grades 7 & 8 were also on the move with a group departing to Lithuania for Erasmus. Such a great opportunity … Continued

Who We Are

The first of our Sindelfingen assemblies for this year took place recently, and it was a chance for all of us to connect through the themes of ‘Who We Are’ and what forms our identity as members of the ISS Sindelfingen community. We reflected on the privileges we have as ISS community members- the field … Continued

Model United Nations Trip to the Netherlands

A group of ISS students ventured to the Netherlands, specifically the city of Arnhem to attend LMUNA, a Model United Nations (MUN) Conference. Our school represented both India and Mexico in various UN committees, where different subtopics of the overarching theme of “Emerging Technologies in Shaping Modern Society” were discussed, three days of fruitful and … Continued

Early Years: Exploring their Sense of Taste

Early Years students are investigating their senses and how they help us to find out about the world. They focused on the sense of taste this week and taste tested lots of interesting things. Some tastes were yucky, and some were delicious. We are proud of our students and how courageous they were!

Medals, Trophies and a Track-Record!

We would like to congratulate the Varsity Girls Team on such a successful meet. Erin won gold along with the track-record (the best recorded performance), Johanna won silver and Majken and Anna competed with great results. Together, the Varsity Girls Team took home gold for the team. Our U14 and Varsity Boys Team, Liam, Tate, … Continued