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Parents as Partners

Any school that overlooks the educational significance of a positive collaboration with a family is seriously hindering a child's progress. Likewise, any family that does not appreciate the dedication and experience of a school limits the potential for positive influence. 

At ISS we believe that a transparent and reflective partnership between students, teachers and family is fundamental to our mission. This is why we have implemented a state of the art, fully transparent assessment and curricular student information system called Veracross. It is why we provide parental forums every week. It is why we have expanded our Family Handbook and Principal Blogs and built a cafe on campus to encourage collegial interaction between students, staff and parents. Our school is more than an academic institution. It is a community center as well. And we believe that by working together in partnership with our parents we can inspire, challenge and support every member of our community to become positive participants in a changing world.

In order to effectively communicate with members of our community we encourage you to log in to the portal to keep your contact information up to date. Instructions on how to do this will be issued by the Admissions Department.