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PTA Degerloch

The mission of the Degerloch Campus Parent Teacher Association is to build a partnership between home and school, to enhance the development of students and to enrich the ISS community.

Its goals include:

  • promoting and organizing activities in the interests of the ISS community
  • organizing the volunteer efforts
  • playing a part in fundraising for the school
  • welcoming all new families joining ISS 
  • providing a social and cultural network for the ISS community

All staff and parents at the Degerloch Campus are members of the association. Volunteers are elected to the PTA board, which currently includes a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary; the Chairmen of the Welcoming, Enrichment, Social and Merchandise Committees; and Volunteer and Publicity Coordinators. The PTA holds regular meetings throughout the school year, which all members are encouraged to attend.

We have many opportunities for everyone to participate in and our activities are listed in the school calendar...please join us!!