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PTG Sindelfingen

The function of the PTG is to support the staff, parents and especially the students at ISS Sindelfingen. This is accomplished through fundraising and sponsoring academic and social activities. Previous activities have included: preparing for and leading the Weihnachtsmarkt stand (Sindelfingen Christmas market), the Runathon for India and dance night, providing refreshments at school occasions, creating tea-towels with student portraits on them, hosting second-hand clothes and book sales...etc. 

"The PTG is a positive force for integrating parents into the school community."  ISS Family Survey 2016





The PTG's goals include:

  • welcoming all new families joining ISS 
  • providing a social and cultural network for the ISS community
  • promoting and organizing activities and fund raising events in the interests of the ISS community
  • organizing the volunteer efforts

All parents of children enrolled at ISS along with the teaching and administrative staff are automatically members of the PTA in Degerloch or the PTG in Sindelfingen.   We have many opportunities for everyone to participate in and our activities are listed on the school calendar ... please join us!!