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"Schüler Experimentieren" - ISS students compete successfully

Monday, February 20, 2017

Good news regarding our Schüler Experimentieren Team, who competed in the Sindelfingen Stadthalle last Thursday and Friday!

In the category of „Mathematik und Informatik,“ Julia and Marvin (Grade 8) were awarded joint first place for their project on using math to develop strategies to win at Monopoly. They will move on to the next level of competition taking place in May in Balingen! See the link below to read more about their success:

In the category of „Biologie,“ Lana and Lika (Grade 8) earned a special prize of a subscription to „Natur Zeitschrift“, a magazine about ecology, for their work on comparing the bacteria that grows on organic luncheon meat in the refrigerator in comparison to that on non-organic luncheon meat.

In the category of „Chemie,“ Emma, Erika and Alidia (Grades 7, 7 and 5) earned a special prize of a student chemistry kit for their detailed analysis of how raw meat reacts to various substances with different pH levels.
Also in the category of „Chemie,“ Rishi, Hoon, and Annie (with help from Tomas) (Grades 6, 4 and 4 … and 3) did a great job explaining their experiment in German in their first ever competition.  Their project, which tried to identify the freezing point of different substances, excited a lot of interest amongst the visitors.

Congratulations to everyone!