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Sindelfingen Erasmus Project

The Sindelfingen campus of the International Stuttgart has long been concerned to support the languages of its students in the best way possible. We have our own dual-language / interlingual philosophy, and we are interested in the philosophies of other schools and institutions. The Erasmus Programme is supporting us to compare and contrast different approaches in this regard, and has facilitated our strengthening working relationships with our partner schools in Estonia, Spain and the Netherlands. Already 15 of our students have been on Student Mobility trips to partner schools, deepening inter-cultural connections, and we are looking forward to hosting the final Student Mobility in Sindelfingen in May 2018. The final products of the project include a Book of Traditions with each country's spring, summer, autumn and winter traditions, a Catalogue of Dual-Language Teaching Strategies, and a website promoting the best way strategies for supporting students' language learning, incorporating all our schools' best practices.