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Sindelfingen Grade 10 Personal Project

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Our Grade 10 in Sindelfingen showed tremendous amount of personality and diverse creativity during the Personal Project writing session last Wednesday!
When these characteristics are coupled with a strong work ethic and overall drive to succeed amazing things happen. Their display of their fourteen Personal Projects at our internal celebration was glorious evidence of this. The projects included, amongst other things, a programmed App for school communication which was developed by student David, whereas Anka sewed a Victorian dress by hand. Student Livia learned different photography compositions, took and enhanced pictures of refugees, designed a calendar with photos and inspirational quotes and sold all calendars to donate over 200 Euros to refugees.
The MYP Personal Project in Grade 10 is a chance for students to decide what they would like to learn, to set their own goals and to choose the pace they work. It is a chance for them to learn who they are as independent learners.
Each student has a teacher as a mentor, but mentors are only there to answer questions and to provide advice; the students make their own decisions and drive their own goals. This 8-month project is the culmination of the MYP program and is an opportunity for insight into who each of these students are – their interests and who they are as learners.