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Solving City Problems in Grade 7

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

International School of Stuttgart e.V.  Grade 7 Future City Unit in Design

The Grade 7 students have been working hard on their robotics unit in their Design class. This year the theme is "City Shaper" so students will not only be thinking of ways to solve city problems, but also thinking about designing the city of the future! Students have been looking at some sustainable and smart cities and are investigating why Stuttgart was voted the least stressful city in the world in 2017! (

Early this month we were lucky enough to have a guest speaker, through Skype, Elinor Samuelsson. She is a user experience (UX) designer, who is particularly interested in mental health. One of her first projects was the Kokon ( relaxation pods for offices! Ms Samuelsson is now working on a project, called Happy Lab, focussing on improving the mental health of residents of Helsingbord, Sweden. This is part of a larger campaign, where many innovation projects are being funded to improve the city and will be showcased at an exhibition in 2022 ( Her team have been working with a local school to come up with products to make the school mindful, and her team have even been creating meditation buses for the city!

It was a delight to speak with Ms Samuelsson and students had many thoughtful questions and took excellent notes throughout. The next step for Grade 7s is locating problems in Stuttgart, (or other cities we have lived in) and then creating their own solutions!