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Tuition and Fees

ISS is a not-for-profit private school. Operating costs are covered by tuition fee income plus a voluntary subsidy in recognition of the school's important role in the economic infrastructure of the region from the Ministry of Economics and Finance. The city of Stuttgart provides some financial support for the Early Years classes. The school receives no subsidies from the Ministry of Education.

"The individual attention given to each child is great." 
ISS Family Survey 2015







Fees fall into three categories which are only refundable under certain circumstances, an annual Application Fee of €750 per student, a one-time Admissions Fee of €7,000 and the annual Tuition Fees which vary according to the student's grade level.

The tuition fees per student for the school year 2018 - 2019 (23.08.2018 to 28.06.2019) are as follows:

Early Years 3 & Early Years 4  €10,200
Kindergarten   €13,100
Grades 1 - 5   €14,200
Grades 6 - 8  €15,200
Grades 9 & 10  €15,680
Grades 11 & 12  €16,740


Applications for the school year 2019-2020 can be submitted from March 2019!