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Welcome to our Community!

ISS is both a literal and a virtual experience, and we hope that this site helps you learn a little about who we are, what we do and how we inspire, challenge and actively support our students and each other to become positive participants in a changing world.

We believe that education is about the child. It’s simple really, but too often, when looking at a school, educational jargon can clutter the ultimate mission - at least from the perspective of a parent. And yet this same jargon speaks to the depth of professionalism inherent in any good school.

Like the medical profession, teaching is a job of passion, of people and, most of all, of continual learning. This means searching for what is best in the profession, keeping abreast of mind-brain science, mother-tongue proficiency, technological innovation, literacy and numeracy pedagogy or curricular developments, and continual subject or pastoral education. In short, a good school inspires its teachers to do what every good student should do - learn and learn how to keep doing it for the rest of their lives.

But what it really comes down to is our commitment to the kids. Like any good family we challenge them, we encourage them, we argue with them, we support them, we educate them through their struggles and we celebrate in their triumphs. We work with parents and we share and collaborate our talents and ideas throughout all constituencies in the school. Feel free to visit my blog to see my thoughts on how best we can achieve all of this.

To those of you learning about our community for the first time, I say welcome to a school that learns the way a family learns…together.

To those of you alumni visiting this site to connect with a teacher or friend, to check the calendar, to get the latest news, I simply say, welcome home. 

Timothy Kelley, Director