Curriculum Summaries

The level of differentiated learning available to the chidlren is second to none. ISS truly strives to embody and reflect the mission statement in every way possible. Most staff members are incredibly dedicated and motivates. Concern are taken seriously and faculty is always very approachable.” ISS Family Survey 2015

The ISS learning experience combines a student’s predispositions and experiences with the acquisition of skills, knowledge and understanding in a continuous journey of self-development from the Early Years to graduation.  Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate and can be tailored to each student’s individual learning needs.

The IB programmes that form the framework of our curriculum promote the education of the whole person as a lifelong process. Through the combination of knowledge, skills, independent critical and creative thought and international-mindedness students are prepared for a life of positive participation in the global world of the 21st century. The IB learner profile defines the kind of lifelong learner we aim to educate at ISS.  

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The Early Years

The Primary Years

The Middle YearsThe Diploma Years