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Colleagues who connect with us are lifelong learners who believe in the power of transparent and inclusive partnerships.

We seek professionals who want to work with a team of energetic teachers, leaders and administrators who appreciate having second (or third or fourth) language learners and a range of learning abilities in a class, who are committed to a collaborative approach, and, above all, who put learning at the core of all they do.

Our hiring is non-discriminatory in terms of age, sex, religion, culture, and sexual orientation and is undertaken by the Director, Principals and the Human Resources Manager, in consultation with Subject Leaders and Coordinators.

The International School of Stuttgart is also committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, and applicants must be willing to undergo child protection screening appropriate to the post, including checks with past employers, national/international background checks and self-disclosure.

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All positions have been filled.

Application Process

Applications should be submitted to

Please do not send any applications by mail and only apply to positions posted above.

Key information on all applications includes:

  • Letter of application
  • CV with full history since leaving school (education and employment or voluntary work)
  • Qualifications (bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate etc.)
  • Statement of educational philosophy (for teaching positions)

All applications will be handled with discretion.

Our City

Stuttgart is a safe, well-organized and green city with lots to offer culturally. The city is the economic, cultural, sporting and social hub of a region with more than 2.7 million inhabitants in the heart of Europe. Over a quarter of the city’s population are foreigners, making for an exciting multi-cultural landscape.

The physical landscape is just as varied with hills, vineyards, sprawling parks, mineral springs and forests. 25% of the area of the city is forested and cycling and walking in the woods surrounding the city or relaxing at one of the 19 extensive mineral spas are popular pastimes and easy to pursue all year round. Skiing is about two hours away in winter.

Stuttgart is the administrative and cultural capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Galleries, theaters, music venues from classical to jazz and rock, the state opera and ballet are all symbols of the cultural diversity of the city.

The region is known for its high-tech industry and the city prides itself on being one of the safest in the world, due to low unemployment and crime rates. 

Even if Stuttgart is a great place to live, moving to a strange country can be a daunting task. That is why we have a cooperation with a relocation company that provides a range of services for new staff coming to ISS from abroad.

Connect with us


From our first graduating class in 2000 with 13 students to the Class of 2021 with 67, ISS has had a total of 849 graduates, but, as an international school with an ever-changing population, for us an alum is anyone who has spent time learning or teaching or being a parent at ISS and there have been thousands of those over the last 36 years.

Our alumni are scattered all over the world – attending schools and colleges, entering the world of work, developing careers, pursuing dreams – and yet many of them are still connected to and curious about their former school and the terrific people they met during their time at ISS.

Maintaining those relationships are important to us. We have a closed Facebook group, closed Facebook class groups, a LinkedIn Alumni group and an alumni database that grows on a daily basis. In the school year 2019/20 we held a 10-year reunion for the Class of 2009 and they were joined by alumni from 2007, 2010, 2015, 2016 and 2017. The year 2019/20 also saw the first ever reunion for alumni living in the Detroit area in January 2020!

Good news came from many alumni in 2019/20, including from a member of the Class of 2003 and one of the founders of Mamma-Miya, an app that helps busy mothers prioritise and keep track of their schedules, who had been selected for the latest session of Apple Entrepreneur Camp.

There are many reasons to return or reconnect. Like you, we have matured, blossomed and continue to give back to a world that desperately needs open-minded, life-long learners. We also continue to support you with our growing Alumni Network offering you the chance to support current students at career events by handing down knowledge and experience, the chance to find valuable academic and professional connections through a mentoring programme and network outside the ISS community.

Connect for your memories. Connect for your future. Connect to discover that the place you once called home…still is.

More and more Alumni are returning to share their experiences outside of ISS. We encourage you to do the same!  Whether you have already entered the working world, or want to pass along your university experience to those who are only beginning this important phase in life, please contact us and arrange  a visit if you find yourself in the Stuttgart area. We would love to see you again.

This reunion is a terrific idea and I thank you for taking the initiative to reach out to us alumni.

Class of 2010
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Giving Back

Online Giving

Giving has long been a tradition here at ISS. Countless volunteer hours support our programs; hosting student athletes, chaperoning dances, the Booster Club, supporting Arts events, reading in classrooms, and of course, the tireless efforts of our PTA, our Board of Trustees and our dedicated staff. 

Think of your own ISS experience, think of the array of choices open to you, the expectation that you were up to the challenge and how you benefited from those volunteer hours.  Think you would like to give something back?  Now there are opportunities for you to support our programs through your gift.  Cement your name in history at ISS through our Legacy Wall Tile Fundraiser! We invite you to purchase a personalized tile on our ISS Legacy Wall in the foyer of the new sports hall. Tiles can be purchased to commemorate your time at ISS. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a permanent piece of ISS history!

Legacy Wall Tiles


Giving to our ISS Förderverein allows you to share in the responsibility of supporting our students, their education and the world that they will inherit and your tax-deductible gift can make a difference. A high level of overall participation can send a message that our school will always inspire, challenge and actively support our students and each other to become positive participants in a changing world. 

Projects supported by the ISS Förderverein in recent years include the updating of the sports and recreational facilities on the Degerloch pitch, the refurbishment and extension of Science facilities in both Degerloch and Sindelfingen, major changes to the playground facilities in Sindelfingen and investment in the development of the Learning Commons collaborative spaces on both campuses.

Help support the 21st Century @ ISS. Invest in the future.

Our Projects

The floor plan for the new buildings and the rendering are absolutely perfect and the ideas we’ve come up with and discussed have really been taken into consideration.

ISS Student