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Giving has long been a tradition here at ISS. Countless volunteer hours support our programs; hosting student athletes, chaperoning dances, the Booster Club, supporting Arts events, reading in classrooms, and of course, the tireless efforts of our PTA, our Board of Trustees and our dedicated staff. 

Think of your own ISS experience, think of the array of choices open to you, the expectation that you were up to the challenge and how you benefited from those volunteer hours.  Think you would like to give something back?  Now there are opportunities for you to support our programs through your gift.  Cement your name in history at ISS through our Legacy Wall Tile Fundraiser! We invite you to purchase a personalized tile on our ISS Legacy Wall in the foyer of the new sports hall. Tiles can be purchased to commemorate your time at ISS. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a permanent piece of ISS history!

Legacy Wall Tiles

A Cause for Compassion

Our diverse ISS community represents various feelings, understandings and questions concerning the war in the Ukraine and other refugee crisis scenarios. Like all international schools based on international values and law, we will always believe our community must “take a strong stance to demonstrate the values necessary to create ‘a better and more peaceful world.” (Pechersk School International, Kiev).

To support some of the immediate needs in our changing world, we have listened to our community and selected some specific supportive initiatives and responses. Please explore this site to learn more and to also find additional resources and ways to help refugees in particular.

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Take a strong stance to demonstrate the values necessary to create ‘a better and more peaceful world.

Pechersk School International, Kiev


Giving to our ISS Förderverein allows you to share in the responsibility of supporting our students, their education and the world that they will inherit and your tax-deductible gift can make a difference. A high level of overall participation can send a message that our school will always inspire, challenge and actively support our students and each other to become positive participants in a changing world. 

Projects supported by the ISS Förderverein in recent years include the updating of the sports and recreational facilities on the Degerloch pitch, the refurbishment and extension of Science facilities in both Degerloch and Sindelfingen, major changes to the playground facilities in Sindelfingen and investment in the development of the Learning Commons collaborative spaces on both campuses.

Help support the 21st Century @ ISS. Invest in the future.

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The floor plan for the new buildings and the rendering are absolutely perfect and the ideas we’ve come up with and discussed have really been taken into consideration.

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