Be Supported

Pastoral care forms an integral element of the philosophy and mission statement and all staff members have a responsibility to care for the well-being of our students.

Its significance is reflected in our structures, leadership roles, procedures and curriculum. It also underpins the daily interactions between and amongst both staff and students.

The Pastoral Programme at ISS is a support system designed to help students feel a sense of belonging in the school. Each student is assigned to a Homeroom teacher who is responsible for overseeing that student’s total performance and involvement in the school. The advisory group provides a “home base” for each student as well.

College & Career Guidance

ISS works with families to support and guide a student’s future after graduation. We also provide information related to career choices and personal interests, along with internal and external assessment guidance. 

Our highly regarded College and Career Counsellor reviews all of our university applications, including personal statements, individual essays and helps track all elements of the application process to ensure deadlines and timelines are met. The Counsellor provides access to resources, texts and databases which offer guidance on issues related to university selection and acceptance strategies.

The College and Career Counsellor is also available to students and their families from Grade 9-11 for testing, career-exploration, higher education information sessions and application procedures.

Various external assessments, such as SAT, PSAT and individual university admissions tests, are administered on site at times coordinated with the testing institutions. These tests are administered by the Examinations Officer at ISS.