Degerloch Campus

Our Degerloch Campus serves students from 3 years old to 12th grade.

Degerloch Campus

Sindelfingen Campus

Our Sindelfingen Campus serves students from 3 years old to 10th grade.

Sindelfingen Campus

We actively inspire, challenge and support students and each other to positively impact our dynamic and interconnected world.

ISS provides leading educational excellence that our world and the Stuttgart region, home of world renowned and innovative corporate leaders, requires. We believe in a future of exciting possibilities for our students and our community.

“I like the community at ISS. The students and the teachers make me want to learn.” Grade 10 Student 2021

Recognized by the state of Baden-Württemberg, we are authorized and accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, the International Baccalaureate Organization and is recognized as a MINT/Digitale Schule.

Both of our campuses share the ISS Vision, Mission and Philosophy, aligned IB programming and experienced, high quality and engaging staff. We counsel and advise our students for their future and our alumni overwhelmingly report success transferring to schools at all grade levels as well as highly successful university preparation.

I like how the school focuses on learning to learn…” ISS Family Survey

Our two campuses serve families from Heilbronn to Tübingen/Reutlingen and from Pforzheim to Schwäbisch Gmünd. Our programs are in English, and we provide excellent German learning opportunities as well.

7 :1 Teacher-Student Ratio
36 Average IB Score
31 Bilingual Diplomas Awarded
290 Ongoing Student-Led Service Projects
36 ​Extracurricular Options
8 Years Average Tenure Among Teachers

The Future of Education. Now.

“I am interested in enthusiastic learning.” Grade 5 Student (2020)

Society is changing, shouldn’t learning change as well?  We believe in reframing the role of school and the relationship between students and teachers to inspire challenge and support one another to become positive participants in a changing world. 

We believe in the resilience of our students and the ISS community because we know that learning by design, in partnership with the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit of our host city, will promote achievement, pride and commitment to the notion that learning matters. Forever.

“Die Schüler lernen für das Leben und lernen nicht nur auswendig und begreifen die Zusammenhänge besser.” Parent 2020


Learning at ISS is sustainable in that we help our students become lifelong learners who are unafraid to find their own solutions to the challenges of the day. We are building leaders for a future that demands flexibility, clear communication and most of all, creativity and confidence.

As such, ISS is committed to sustainable thinking for the planet, instilling lifelong habits for wellness, environmental awareness and most of all, a belief in oneself and a caring community that embraces collaboration.

Message from the Director

Education is about the child. It’s simple really, but too often, when looking at a school, educational jargon can clutter the ultimate mission – at least from the perspective of a parent. And yet this same jargon speaks to the depth of professionalism inherent in any good school. For, like the medical profession, teaching is a job of passion, of people and, most of all, of continual learning. In short, a good school inspires its teachers to do what every good student should do; learn and learn how to keep doing it for the rest of their lives.

I am proud to say that the International School of Stuttgart is one such school. You can also see it in our extraordinary commitment to the future of education, now.  We have remained completely dedicated to our vision, even in these interesting times, where we continue to prioritize lifelong learning, developing the quality of our Language and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) programming, and our continued experiential educational developments that include expanded trip opportunities and our Sports, and MUN programs.

So welcome to our community – we hope you will be challenged, supported, and most of all inspired by what we have to offer.

Mr Tim Kelley, School Director

The teachers are excellent. They are knowledgeable and well-qualified in their fields, and they seem to be genuinely engaged in the learning process. The school is small enough that everyone knows everyone else, which fosters a sense of community with the children. Small classes mean more individual attention for each student, which results in increased learning outcomes. The teachers and staff care about the individual students and listen to their concerns & their parents.

ISS Family Survey

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