Middle Years Learning Beyond the Classroom

Once again, our Sindelfingen students were out engaging in learning activities within our local/regional communities – all part of our learning beyond the classroom initiative. Students in Grades 8-10 went to Stuttgart and focused on the issues of homelessness and defensive architecture. The organization Trottwar offered a tour and insights into the situation of homeless … Continued

STEAM Enrichment and Exhibition

The Sindelfingen Campus transformed into a hands-on education-through-STEAM centre, with students inquiring into a mix of 19 STEAM-themed activities ranging from cooking science, to fencing, via Math-in-Art, to the national German competition SchülerExperimentieren. Thank you to teachers for laying on such wonderful (and wonderfully imaginative) activities, and to Frau Storbeck, Herr Barr (from Stuttgart University), … Continued

Music for Türkiye and Syria

Under the inspiration and guidance of Mr Bowe, the ISS Sindelfingen community came together for a very special celebration of music and dance from our students , teachers and parents. A BIG thank you to everyone involved in making this event so special – we are able to contribute at least five shelters for those … Continued

How Humans Create Machines to do Work

Students in Grade 1/2 on our Sindelfingen Campus have been engaged in mini-inquiry stations that demonstrate the forces and parts of simple machines that are used to complete tasks. They watched movies, read books, and manipulated the machines demonstrating their understanding of what they had found out. Finally, they reflected on their new learning and made … Continued

Learning Outcomes

Last week saw all teachers and learning assistants come together at the Degerloch Campus to revisit our learning outcomes and expectations across all subjects and all grade levels to ensure alignment with what we believe about learning and with our learning programmes. Concurrently, our divisional leaders completed their review all of all of our policy … Continued

Climbing the Walls

Our Grade 6 MYP Students, like all of our students at ISS Sindelfingen, have the opportunity to access a wide range of local community sports facilities for their PHE units, this includes the Roccadion wall climbing facility in Böblingen, which is just a short walk away from the campus. We truly enjoy giving our learners … Continued

Schüler Experimentieren/Jugend Forscht

After more than two years of COVID-related delays Lea, Clara and Maja received the award for outstanding scientific skills in their 2020 Schüler Experimentieren Project with Sindelfingen’s mayor, Mr Bernd Vöhringer presiding over the ceremony. The students’ research question was ‘What is the effect of the image the subject sees on the taste of the … Continued

Trips, trips and more trips!

A group of students from Grades 9 & 10 travelled to Holland for a Model United Nations (MUN) General Assembly, while others travelled to Paris as part of an optional arts / history-based trip! Grades 7 & 8 were also on the move with a group departing to Lithuania for Erasmus. Such a great opportunity … Continued

Who We Are

The first of our Sindelfingen assemblies for this year took place recently, and it was a chance for all of us to connect through the themes of ‘Who We Are’ and what forms our identity as members of the ISS Sindelfingen community. We reflected on the privileges we have as ISS community members- the field … Continued

Early Years: Exploring their Sense of Taste

Early Years students are investigating their senses and how they help us to find out about the world. They focused on the sense of taste this week and taste tested lots of interesting things. Some tastes were yucky, and some were delicious. We are proud of our students and how courageous they were!