Where is Africa?

Grade 8 students had the opportunity to visit the Linden Museum collection to explore “Where is Africa?” as part of their studies in Individuals and Societies. Students were able to explore exhibits including the Middle East, South and East Asia, South America, and the Pacific. Those entailed artefacts, clothing, religion and more which perfectly summed … Continued

Sound Advice

Mr. Scavillo, CFO of AriensCo, introduced our Financial Unit to the Grade 11 Business Management class by sharing his career path, business advice, and financial accounts such as the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account. The students enjoyed asking questions and applying their course knowledge to a real-life example.

Personal Project Showcase

Congratulations to our Grade 10 students who proudly showed their work at the Personal Project Showcase! The MYP Personal Project Showcase is always a highlight of the school year, and a fabulous opportunity to see some of the core aims of the IB program in action – characterised by independent, student-led, inquiry-based learning. Students from … Continued

Grade 11 Students Visit New Building Site

Grade 11 HL Business Management students are learning about project planning tools such as Gantt charts and Critical Path Analysis. On Monday, we took a trip to the new building site office to learn more about how these tools are used to track building projects. They were able to see detailed Gantt charts showing all … Continued

Christmas in a Shoebox Project

Since September, our team of Grades 10-12 students have getting into the Christmas spirit, gathering, sorting, shopping and wrapping shoeboxes full of gifts for children in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Ukraine for the Christmas in a Shoebox Project.   Students packed a total of 60 boxes which join the 150,000 boxes that will be sorted … Continued

Warm Winter Wollies!

Thank you to Chloe (Grade 11) and Hannah (Grade 10) for once again inspiring and encouraging Middle and High School students to learn and improve their skills in crochet and knitting. These hand-crafted items are being donated to various charities like the Christmas in a shoebox campaign, ‘Trottwahr’ here in Stuttgart, which is an organisation that … Continued

Medals, Trophies and a Track-Record!

We would like to congratulate the Varsity Girls Team on such a successful meet. Erin won gold along with the track-record (the best recorded performance), Johanna won silver and Majken and Anna competed with great results. Together, the Varsity Girls Team took home gold for the team. Our U14 and Varsity Boys Team, Liam, Tate, … Continued

Die Fürther Mathematik-Olympiade Fümo

Die Fürther Mathematik-Olympiade Fümo is a mathematics competition that has been held annually in Germany since1992 for students in Grades 6 to 8. It has two rounds, and the overall score is used for the final awards. Last academic year, our students took part in this competition along with hundreds of other international schools and … Continued


On Tuesday, 21st June, Grade 11 Business Management students participated in a one-day Innovation and Pitch workshop, which was led by StartUp BW. After some creative thinking exercises in teams and learning about innovation, students considered everyday problems that they and others are faced with, They came up with new products/services to solve these problems … Continued

Moving on Up!

This week all children in the Degerloch Lower School were given an orientation to the next grade level and were introduced to the new teaching team for the upcoming school year. We organized the children in mixed age groups, and the children gave us clear feedback about the things that they like about the International … Continued