16th Annual Model United Nations Conference at ISS

ISS welcomed over 400 delegates to the 16th annual Model United Nations Conference with guest speakers from the US Foreign Service and the European Parliament. The chosen theme for this year’s conference is “the balance and distribution of power in the world” focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 16: “Peace Justice, and Strong Institutions.” A … Continued

Honouring our Graduating Class

Thank you to all who attended the BBQ event in honour of our graduating class. With this small gesture, we wanted to congratulate our students on their IB journey so far and thank them for their valuable contributions to our learning community. We hope that they enjoyed the food, music, fun/sport-related activities, and atmosphere that … Continued

First ISS Film Award Ceremony

In recent weeks, students in Grade 5 have created short claymation films exploring various social aspects of a potential future colony on Kepler 22b. The films center around the premise that humans have departed Earth to establish a new settlement on Kepler 22b, the most Earth-like planet discovered by NASA to date. Each team chose … Continued

Supporting the Community

From January to March, 36,000 dinners and 20,000 sandwich bags have been served to people in need in Stuttgart. Hundreds of volunteers from all over Stuttgart have worked together to make this happen and students from Grade 11 and 12 have been part of this effort, volunteering on Saturdays and Sundays. This year, due to … Continued

Platon School Model United Nations

ISS students had the opportunity to engage in debates and negotiations on important global issues at the Platon School Model United Nations (PS-MUN) Conference in Athens. It was inspiring to see how different perspectives and ideas came together to find dynamic solutions to complex problems.

Say no to bullying and violence! Don’t be aggressive! Be assertive!

Drawing on research and their own experiences, Grade 7 students used their creative and collaborative skills to produce an entertaining yet educational presentation about bullying and violence which they presented with incredible confidence and professionalism at assembly. Students highlighted the causes, impacts, responses, and solutions to bullying and violence, with the hope of alerting their peers … Continued

ISS Alumni in the News

Aline Krauter (Class of 2018) spent 12 years at ISS before graduating from Stanford University in 2022 (International Relations). Her long-term goal is to work as a professional golfer for the next three years; “after that, I’ll reflect and see how things progress,” she says. Congratulations to Aline for the Ladies European Tour (LET) season, … Continued

Passion for STEM

Our amazing Grade 4 students and leaders, Ms Karnatz and Ms Li had a very successful day of Lego and discovery during the First Lego League held at the University of Schwäbisch Gemünd. This event gives students access to research, design, and programming, supports their passion for STEM (math, computer science, science and technology) and … Continued

Learning Outcomes

Last week saw all teachers and learning assistants come together at the Degerloch Campus to revisit our learning outcomes and expectations across all subjects and all grade levels to ensure alignment with what we believe about learning and with our learning programmes. Concurrently, our divisional leaders completed their review all of all of our policy … Continued

Learning New Skills

As an introduction to Service as Action the Grade 6 students collaborated to design and make a quilt for the School Nurse’s room. The idea was the quilt would help sick students or teachers feel warm and the colourful and happy pictures would be cheering and help the person to feel better. Students first sketched … Continued