Supporting the Community

From January to March, 36,000 dinners and 20,000 sandwich bags have been served to people in need in Stuttgart. Hundreds of volunteers from all over Stuttgart have worked together to make this happen and students from Grade 11 and 12 have been part of this effort, volunteering on Saturdays and Sundays.

This year, due to increasing costs of energy and food, the Vesperkirche has had more visitors than ever. Some who are homeless, to escape the cold and eat a hearty meal, others who are lonely and come for the company. Our students appreciated the opportunity to give direct service…

It was very nice to chat with them and made me very aware of the problem of homelessness. Overall, through my services, I not only helped the people I wanted to support, but I also did something good for myself, because every time I left the church, I felt satisfied and happy, knowing that I had done something for my environment.

Thank you very much to our student volunteers and CAS Coordinator, Ms. Barthelmie.