ISS Alumni in the News

Aline Krauter (Class of 2018) spent 12 years at ISS before graduating from Stanford University in 2022 (International Relations). Her long-term goal is to work as a professional golfer for the next three years; “after that, I’ll reflect and see how things progress,” she says.

Congratulations to Aline for the Ladies European Tour (LET) season, for which she has qualified and begins this week in Kenya. However, she will only play three LET tournaments for the time being, beginning in Morocco next week. This is due to her qualification for the LPGA, the American professional tour, which will begin in Arizona at the end of March this year – her goal for the coming weeks and months is to “make the cut as often as possible.” Aline Krauter gained experience three times last year, once even reaching the top 30.

“I’m familiar with this highest level and have felt at home there.”

Photo credit: Buamann/Hansjürgen Britsch