Second Strategic Plan

The 2014 subsidy challenge raised questions not only of how to achieve ‘quality’ in our educational experience, but also of what it will cost. The second, 2015-2017,  Strategic Plan focuses on our educational goals and the quality of our school as an essential institution for the internationally minded companies and families who entrust their children to our care.  In German, this is referred to as the “Standort” factor and this plan outlines the steps that educational excellence, as well as the “Standort”, require.  To this end, we believe that continued integration with our host region, renowned for its international and innovative engineering and corporate leadership, allows us to provide greater opportunities for students to apply creative logical reasoning with skill development in a 21st century manner.  Entitled “Excellence in education: what “Standort” requires” and once more developed under the guidance of Adele Hodgson, the second Strategic Plan again exemplified a highly inclusive process that utilized many of the new information tools developed in the previous years. 

A number of additional documents were also produced to answer frequently asked questions during the financial situation earlier in the year:
Degerloch Trips Program Plan
Sindelfingen Trips Program Plan
ISS Campus Master Plan
Surveys 2015

With the release of the second plan it was decided that the strategic planning process would shift from academic year accounting to calendar year accounting and thus the Specific Operational Actions 2015 document was also released in February 2015.

In January of 2016, the school embarked on its 5 Year Self Study in conjunction with the regular accreditation process with CIS, NEASC and the IBO.  In view of this the Board of Trustees has therefore decided to delay the release of the Strategic Plan Operational Actions 2016 until after the report has been completed to allow this excellent process to strategically inform the leadership.  The release of the Strategic Plan Operational Actions 2017 will take into account the results of the Accreditation Visit scheduled in October of 2016 and will represent the return to our regular process timing.

A summary of the results of the 2015/16 Surveys can be found here.